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Following on a trend which was set about 3 years ago by Chris Shiflett (better late than never!), I'm writing a brief journal entry on why I love reading blogs by other people on a wide variety of subjects. Blogs can offer an unique insight for people to read about, or for people to write about. I am not a prolific blogger to say at least, but I do try and post a journal entry once a month.

With web development, there is a community where people share their knowledge and experience on what methods or techniques that they have learnt along the way of experimenting or working on projects. I find those blogs to be really useful, insightful and inspiring.

I have gotten a lot of "ah-ha, I did not consider that" moments in solving peculiar web development issues by finding other people online that have had the same problem as me particularly if I'm really stuck and would appreciate a different view on this problem to be solved. Blogs have really helped me out on this aspect.

Without having blogs, we would not be sharing knowledge and passing it on, and for that I will reiterate my commitment to keep sharing information via my journal online.