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I am a front end developer with 5 years freelancing experience. I have built websites for small businesses in different industries. I am looking to move into in-house development and focus on components as part of a bigger picture.

I write HTML code in a clean and semantic manner, and with the BEM methodology in Sass which in turn compiles into CSS. I have some exposure to JavaScript, PHP & MySQL. I am an advocate for accessibility, progressive enhancement and open source.

I maintain a personal project which revolves around British Birds of Prey. This website allows people who are not experts to be able to identify when they see one via the identify tool. During the internship at the Financial Times, I have played an integral part in teaching British Sign Language to my colleagues.


  • Front end: I've been teaching myself HTML & CSS since 2000 by viewing the source code of any website that I like the look of. By experimenting with the code, it allowed me to figure out the changes and to learn why and how it changed. I write code to be semantic, accessible and modular. I am an early adopter of the Sass workflow to produce CSS in a much quicker and time saving manner.

  • Back end: My exposure to back end development has been focused on technologies that my freelance clients use, mostly either WordPress or Perch. I have used PHPMyAdmin to maintain MySQL databases.


Xanda Ltd

Web developer, November 2016-present

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Git, PHP, MySQL & WordPress.

Role: I am currently developing bespoke WordPress websites for the web agency. The projects range from small to large websites which can involve eCommerce. Quite a few of the projects have custom functionality involved as well.

Notable challenges: Each project has its own requirements, which adds more complexity. I enjoy figuring out and solving those unique challenges. I am focused on meeting the client's requirements on time.

Financial Times

Intern developer (Origami), March - June 2016

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Node.js & CircleCI.

Role: I worked with ~40 front end modules within the components library. I wrote documentation for Origami. I did code reviews on GitHub pull requests. This also includes providing support via GitHub Issues or Slack.

Notable challenges: One of the daily tasks I enjoyed with Origami, is converting all the JavaScript to use the ES6 standard. I also ensured that the transition from using Travis CI to CircleCI goes smoothly. Each module gets tested with CircleCI to make sure everything passes. Every module throws up different and interesting problems for me to debug and to fix. I worked with a designer to develop responsive versions of the o-table module within Origami.


Web designer/developer, September 2010 - February 2016

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Kirby & WordPress.

Role: Working in the capacity of designer/developer, I liaised with clients to define their requirements, implement their decisions and also provide technical support when required.

Notable challenges: With each client, their needs for a project can present unique challenges which I aspire to overcome with positive, creative thinking and research. Every challenge has given something back to me to take to other future client projects.

Sylvan Heights Bird Park

Marketing Intern, March - May 2013

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Photoshop, TweetDeck with Twitter & Facebook Pages.

Role: I worked with this non-profit organisation based in North Carolina, United States of America. This involved working with the Marketing director on promoting the conservation of endangered bird species online. I took the initiative to improve the website with limited creative access. I improved the information on the website so that a wider range of the audience will read and understand the content.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Digital Media Volunteer, November 2012 - December 2013


  • British Birds of Prey: Originally part as a web thesis project at university. This is a responsive website with progressive enhancement in mind. I built the project using Kirby with PHP & MySQL database for an identifying tool. Recently, I have decided to update the project, and make it more Node.js orientated. This is currently under redevelopment.

  • Pete’s Bikes: A mail order website with a product catalogue online. I utilised WordPress with Custom Pages and Taxonomy for the product catalogue. After completion, the client’s business turnover has increased significantly. The website is still placing at the top of the Google UK search results under "Pete's Bikes" or "Pilgrim Pumps". This is currently undergoing redesign/redevelopment as an existing freelance client project.


  • MA in Web Design & Content Planning: University of Greenwich, Sep 2013 - Oct 2014

  • BSc in Film Studies & Internet Multimedia Computing: University of Roehampton, Jan 2005 - Jan 2008


I have an active lifestyle where I enjoy many different outdoor pursuits such as following football and MotoGP and riding motorcycles. I also enjoy travelling and have visited various destinations across the world.